Cobra Adopt Me: What’s a fair trade for one?

Cobra Adopt Me: what is a cobra worth in Adopt me?

Finally… we have the first snake in Adopt Me! I know there are a lot of fans of snakes out there. There are probably also some people who might be a bit scared of them! But Leo, for one, has always wanted a pet snake, so he used his pocket money straight away to get his hands on a Cobra Adopt Me. Interestingly, he didn’t keep it for that long but keep on reading to find out why.

Anyway, given that the cobra has just been released today, it might be a bit early to ask what a cobra is worth in Adopt me. But check out the video below for some analysis from our resident experts. Leo was one of the first people to get a snake (because he saved up his pocket money and turned it into Robux). So he experienced at first hand what people were prepared to trade for it.

Someone offered him a Frost Fury plus adds!!! Obviously, he took the trade. In our opinion that is very good value. If you look at our list of all the pets in Adopt Me, ranked by value, the Frost Fury is in the top 20. The Frost Fury cost 800 robux when it was out, and it is a limited pet (it’s no longer in-game). Meanwhile, the cobra only costs 500 robux and we think it will be permanently in-game. We think that eventually, it will be worth about as much as a peacock, kitsune, robo dog, cerberus etc. That means it should be worth about 20 dog/cats.

The New-ness factor

But when a pet is brand new, it might be at its most valuable because there is a lot of excitement around it. To check out how to value a pet on Adopt me read our article.

So check out our video here and let us know in the comments if you agree how much a Cobra in Adopt me is worth.



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