Butterfly Adopt Me: What is it worth and what would be a fair trade?

What would you trade for a butterfly in Adopt Me? Let us know in the comment section.

The butterfly adopt me pet was a limited edition pet, which came out in July 2021, known as the ‘uplift butterfly’. This was only out for 7 days. It was claimable for 1500amc. We think that this was a great edition to the game as Covid had got us down. This special, colourful pet has all brought us back to life!

We have always wanted a butterfly pet, but never knew exactly what it would look like.. We think they did a great job with the design! The pet itself neon, glows white, which is not what we expected! We thought they would go for pink! This is an uncommon pet.

If you want to find out where it is on the list of how good it actually is just click here.

The butterfly is amazing is has awesome movement and it looks really cool. The butterfly is one of the most detailed pets in the game.

What is the Adopt Me butterfly worth on the dog/cat scale?

We think that the butterfly is worth 4 dog/cats, which is the same as a wooly mammoth or a a bat. butterfly’s are a very underrated pet because they were quite easy to get and this is why it is worth this much. Obviously, because this is a limited pet then it will probably go up in value with time compared to pets that remain in game.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you’ve recently traded your butterfly, tell us what you got for it. And if you think that was a fair trade.


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