Adopt Me Pets Value List

Adopt me pets value list: A list of all Adopt me pets ranked by value

Now you’ve probably landed on this page because you have been looking for a value list of all the pets in Adopt Me! Well that is exactly what you’ve found. This page contains an Adopt Me pets value list that ranks every single pet in the game (including new pets from the 2021 winter Christmas update and the Halloween 2021 update) by how valuable they are (scroll down to see the full list).

The legendary pets are generally seen as the rarest and most valuable. The top 10 most valuable legendary Adopt Me pets are the Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, Giraffe, Frost Dragon, Owl, Parrot, Evil Unicorn, Crow, Arctic Reindeer and Monkey King.

But some ultra rare pets are also worth a lot (even more than some recent legendries). The top ten ultra rare Adopt Me pets are as follows. The Flamingo, Lion, Zombie Buffalo, Dalmation, Arctic Fox, Crocodile, Hedgehog, Turkey, Llama and Platypus.

Even some of the older rare pets can be worth more than the most recent legendries. The top ten rare pets on Adopt me ranked by value are as follows. The Blue Dog, Elephant, Pig, Cow, Rhino, Swan, Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Hyena and Reindeer.

Now we are down to the uncommon pets. Some of them can also be quite valuable. The top ten uncommon pets on Adopt me are as follows. The Pink Cat, Wild Boar, Capybara, Meerkat, Silly Duck, Drake, Black Panther, Wolf, Snowman and Bat.

And finally we have the common pets, which are not that valuable (even the oldest limited pets that are common).

The complete Adopt me pets value list (updated in October 2021)

But you probably want to see a full Adopt me pets value list. That means a list of every pet in Adopt me ranked by value. Well we have created what you are looking for. Not only can you rank every Adopt me pet by value; you can also see which egg they came from, when they were introduced (if they are limited pets) or if they are still ‘in game’, and if they cost robux. If you log in on a computer, instead of a mobile device, you can also sort the Adopt Me pets list using the column headers (so rank them by age, or how much Robux they cost etc).


A complete value list of every pet in Adopt Me!
Adopt Me Pets Value List

If you disagree with any of the rankings on this Adopt Me pets value list, tell us your opinion below and let us know why you think your pet should be worth more, or less!


  1. flamingo is worth more, worth way more than a frost fury, please update your list, it is also worth more than a turtle and kangaroo

  2. Srry but there is so much too change ur list is a bit wrong first the arctic reindeers lost value here under monkey kings flamingo blue dog and dalmatian are better than furies theres just so much srry i cant type it all u should reasearch about the pets more and ur list will be ok

    • Sorry but we disagree. Yes – some of those pets are old, but they were easier to hatch, so it’s all a question of age, difficulty-to-hatch and if you had to pay robux etc. I guess there is no formula, but these is what we estimate


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