Adopt Me Winter Pets List 2021

Adopt me winter pets list - Ice Golem, Golden walrus, puffin, st. bernard, husky, summer walrus, snow leopard, walrus,

So, it’s Wednesday the 1st of December, 2021, and the Adopt Me Winter update is out! Who has the definitive Adopt Me Winter Update 2021 Pets list and their trading Value?? We do!!

But… the first thing to note is that it is difficult to say exactly what you can/should trade for some of these pets when they are brand new, because the excitement of new pets means they are in high demand. And when that happens, people are likely to overpay for them.

Adopt Me Winter pets list 2021, in order of value:

Legendary pets

  • Ice Golem – Legendary (Costs 1000 Robux) – Value = difficult to say, but we would say it’s about the same as a Ghost Dragon. People might be willing to overpay at first though because there won’t be many around
  • Golden Walrus – Legendary – Value = This is one of the three walruses collected from the original walrus box. Only a 4% chance (1 in 25) of getting one so they will be pretty rare at first and you might get good trades for one, but it will lose value as more come in game. We think they are worth a bit more than a golden mummy cat.

Ultra rare pets

  • Puffin – Ultra rare – Value = You need 120,000 gingerbread men to get one, which will take quite a lot of time playing the mini games. If you’re willing to spend Robux it would cost you about 800, so you are probably better off buying the Ice Golem.
  • St Bernard – Ultra rare – Value = You have to get this one from the advent calendar, so there aren’t any around at the moment, but on Christmas day everyone will get one so they will be pretty common.

Rare pets

  • Husky – Rare – Value = You need 50,000 gingerbread, so that will take some playing before you start to see them in game.
  • Summer Walrus – Rare – Value = From the walrus box. There’s a 26% chance of getting one (which is about 1 in 4) so will be fairly common after a while.

Uncommon and common pets

  • Snow Leopard – Uncommon – Value = 15,000 gingerbread which is the same as a walrus box. That means if you have 15,000 gingerbread, you can guarantee an uncommon pet and get a snow leopard or risk it on a walrus box and hope you get a golden or summer walrus.
  • Walrus – Common – Value = 70% chance of getting it from the Walrus box, so they will be pretty common after a while.

So those are the eight pets in the Adopt Me Winter Update 2021. If you have an opinion of how much they are worth and have had an interesting offer, let us know in the comments!

Also, to see a complete Adopt Me Pets Value List with all of their trading values – click here.


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