Adopt Me Jobs Update: How cool would that be?

Will there ever be a jobs update for Adopt Me?

A lot of people have asked us if we think that an Adopt Me Jobs Update would be a good idea. And our opinion is that not only would it be a good idea, but it is also quite likely to happen. Let us explain our thinking:

First, Adopt Me is the most popular game ever on Roblox. But, its popularity has been dropping back a little lately. Some newer games like Piggy and Arsenal have been going up a lot in popularity. Also, some of the role play games like Brookhaven and Meep City have had a bit of a revival in our opinion. So… we think Adopt Me needs to make new updates to keep up and make sure it is still relevant and popular.

Second, an Adopt Me Jobs Update would add a new dimension to the game, and turn it into more of a role playing game, which is becoming very popular.

Third, having jobs could allow for more money and that could also mean more trading, which is one of the most fun parts of the game.

Finally, an Adopt Me jobs update would be fun and overall a good idea. It is also quite possible to do. If they can make mini games where you earn gingerbread or candy, surely they can make jobs where you earn Adopt me money. It would just be something that stays in game, instead of being seasonal.


So those are our four reasons why we think Adopt Me should definitely add permanent jobs to the game. First, it’s important to do something to make sure they stay as the number one game of all time. Second, it would make the game more interesting. Third, it would actually help with trading because it would be easier to get money, pets and keep making your inventory better. And finally, we don’t see any reason why it can’t be done, seeing as it would be similar to having mini-games.


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