How much is a bat dragon worth on Adopt Me?

The whole point of Adopt Me is to know how much each of your pets are worth. That way you can always make clever trades and decisions. You always want to be the one that is under, and not over when you’re trading. And by doing that, you can build up more and more valuable pets. So, how much is a bat dragon worth in adopt me?

Well, we think bat dragons are probably one of the best pets in the game for a lot of reasons, and not just because they are cute. First, they are legendary, which means they were pretty difficult to get. Second, you got them from the 2019 Halloween update, so they have been around for quite a while and are rare. Third, you had to pay Robux for them. All of that means that there really aren’t that many around, and because they are limited their value only goes up with time. 

They definitely made our list of top 10 pets. But where do they rank overall? We have made a list of every Adopt Me pet and ranked them by value. We’ve also included the month and year that they were first introduced into the game (if they are a limited pet) and whether you had to pay Robux for them. All of that should help you to understand which pets are the rarest, which are the most valuable, and why. 

So if you want to see what you could trade for a bat dragon, whether it is worth more or less than a frost dragon or a shadow dragon, then click here.



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