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Who are the top Adopt Me Youtubers?

Check out our list of Top Adopt Me Youtubers

Youtube is probably the best platform out there to get news on Adopt Me. Believe me – we have probably spent waaaaaaay too long looking at Youtube videos, so we consider ourselves experts! : ) But who are the top adopt me YouTubers out there?

Well, we have put together this little guide to help you find the top Adopt Me Youtubers that produce content specifically around our favourite Roblox game.

This isn’t in any particular order and we are not ranking them.

Lankybox – creator of the famous chicken wings song!

Meganplays – very pink and bubbly.

iamSanna – a true unicorn lover

Pretzel etzel – rags to riches stories

Leah Ashe – even more pink (almost 5 million subscribers)

Fishyblox – good trading advice

RoplexGaming – lots of good pets

Sopo Squad gaming – we love this channel because the content is made by kids for kids

3SB Games – normally good for a laugh

Jeffo roblox – some blue (if you don’t like pink)

Jaci Plays – and finally a bit of green!

PREZLEY – We like prez because he’s also a kid

This is just our list of the top Adopt me Youtubers. It does not cover everyone, and if we have missed anyone out then we are sorry, but please let us know in the comments and we can always update the article!

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