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What are the Top 10 Pets on Adopt Me?

Let us know what you think the top 10 pets on Adopt Me are in the comments!

Do you know what the top 10 pets on Adopt Me are? Does anyone? There are lots of opinions out there, but we’ve compiled our list below. Let us know if you agree in the comments.

Before you look at the list, it is important to know that there are lots of factors that go into how valuable a pet is. First – when did it first appear in the game? Second – how many people got the pet – that means how difficult was it to get, or did you have to pay Robux for it? This also depends on the rarity of it. Is it a legendary, ultra rare, rare, uncommon or common. But it is clear that not every legendary is worth the same amount. Just as an example, the metal ox (which is the most recent legendary) is worth nowhere near as much as the shadow dragon. You would probably need about 100 metal oxes to get a shadow dragon.

1. Shadow Dragon

2. Bat Dragon

3. Giraffe

4. Frost Dragon

5. Parrot

6. Owl

7. Evil Unicorn

8. Crow

9. Arctic Reindeer

10. Monkey King

So we really want to know what you think the top 10 pets on adopt me are. Everyone has their own list of the top ten pets on adopt me. But we think this is based on scientific research and the factors that we just mentioned. What we might do, is maybe broaden this out and begin to rank all of the pets on Adopt me. And not just pets, but vehicles, toys and pet wear as well! Let us know if you would be interested.


  1. i really want a mega neon fly ride shadow dragon but no one has those pets ): if any of you have plz can i have one plz

    • WE don’t have one either. Tbh, that is the best, most valuable pet in the game… so I doubt anyone would give you it. Certainly not for free

  2. My sister’s dp is a frost fury, and i want to get it for her for Christmas. Do you have any you could give me? When I got my dp she cryed.

  3. Hi if anyone has an artic reindeer fly and ride i have a great offer my acc if Kinsleyunicorn pup ikr (cringe) but hey I was six😅

  4. Hey guys!! I have a “rare” scooter! Does anyone want to offer? Apparently its worth Kangaroo! Also if any of y’all have a mega crow, blue dog, evil uni, mega attic reindeer, or any good pets, I would love to offer!

  5. I have a lot of pets that are legendary and fly ride so if you guys wanna offer you can also my dp is a Ride Ringed Tail Lemur ( Also I’m not trying to flex I swear T^T and user is FliqpyFlippy_Yuri)


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