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Adopt me Economics 101

This article is about Adopt me economics 101 and teaches you how supply and demand impact the value of your pets

One of the great things about Adopt Me is that it actually teaches you a lot about real-life economics. Really, you say? How so? Well, this article is all about Adopt Me Economics. Adopt me is really all about trading and markets. One of the basic things about markets is understanding supply and demand. What do we mean by that?

Understanding ‘Supply’

Well, let’s start by looking at supply. When there is a lot of something (that means there is a large supply) then it is normally not that valuable. When something is scarce (so, the rarer it is) then it is typically more valuable. So what makes something scarce? Well, Adopt me has a built-in scale of rarity – common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, legendary. But it’s not as simple as that. Because there might be some ultra rare pets that are actually worth more than legendary pets. Like a llama is worth more than a metal ox. Why is that? Well, scarcity also depends on other factors – like how old is it, whether the pet is still in the game or not, and if you had to pay robux to get it. If a pet was only available for a few weeks and came from 2019, it would be very rare, because there weren’t as many people playing the game back then. By contrast, let’s take a dog or a cat. They are the most common pet in the game because everyone starts off with one. That’s why they are also the least valuable.

Understanding ‘Demand’

With demand it’s a little bit different. When there is high demand for something then it tends to be more valued. So whenever a new egg is launched, like the Ocean egg, then people get excited about the new pets and might be willing to overpay when they trade for them. As the excitement dies down, so too does the value of those new pets. Demand can also be subjective. What does that mean? Well, just think of this – everyone has their own dream pet. What if your dream pet was a unicorn? Well, then you might be willing to overpay for one when you had the chance to trade for it. The same goes with every pet. Demand can be influenced by how cute people find the pet. Compare a crow and an owl. They came from the same egg and they were both legendary, so there is roughly the same supply. But owls are typically worth more than crows because they are cuter.

So all of these factors go into determining how valuable a pet is. Which is pretty cool. That’s why if you look at the top 10 most valuable pets, they are all legendary, they are no longer in the game, many of them cost robux, and they were introduced into the game a while ago.

We hope that has helped teach you something about Adopt Me Economics 101 and how supply and demand impact the value of your pets. If you are really advanced, check out this article in the Economist which talks more broadly about the economics of Roblox!



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