What is a chicken worth in Adopt Me?

This article gives an explanation of what a chicken is worth in adopt me and why?

The whole point of Adopt Me is to know how much each of your pets are worth. That way you can always make clever trades and decisions. You always want to be the one that is under, and not over when you’re trading. And by doing that, you can build up more and more valuable pets. So, how much is a chicken worth in adopt me?

Well, the chicken is a common pet, and could be hatched from a farm egg, which was available in 2019. Although it is no longer in the game, the fact that it was fairly easy to hatch (1 in 5 chance) means that there are a lot of them around, so they are not hugely valuable.

Unsurprisingly, it has NOT made our list of top 10 pets. But you can find out where it does rank on our List of Adopt Me pets: the rarest, most valuable pets on Adopt Me!

What is a chicken worth in Adopt Me on the dog/cat scale?

If you don’t know about the dog/cat scale – you should read our article that explains how to value pets on Adopt Me. The dog/cat scale allows you to easily compare the value of your pets, toys, and vehicles and work out if a trade is fair (roughly). We aim to score all pets using the dog/cat scale. The scale basically expresses how many dogs (or cats) would you need to trade for a pet. So a very common pet like an Otter would only score 1 on the dog/cat scale. That means you could trade an Otter for just one dog or one cat. Whereas a shadow dragon would score 1000, which means it would take 1000 dogs (or cats) to trade up to a Shadow Dragon.

So what is the chicken worth in Adopt Me on the dog/cat scale? We think a chicken is worth 6 dog/cats, which means it is worth about as much as a snowman.

What do you think?

At the end of the day, value is also subjective. That means it is in the eye of the beholder. You might come across someone in the game that is desperate for one of your pets so they are willing to overpay. Maybe it’s their dream pet. Or they are looking to make a neon, or mega neon, and are collecting that specific pet. Or you might not agree with our assessment. If you have a different opinion, we want to know – leave your comment below!

Let us know what you think of the question: how much is a chicken worth in adopt me?


  1. I traded a ultra-rare dinosaur , clownfish and 2 metal ox’s for 2 chickens. Is that fair if it not tell me who was over and who has under please!

  2. Definitely not worth a snowman. Neon chickens worth a neon uni! I traded mine for neon
    Uni and they added kit. Imo neon chickens really overrated and worth lots. I traded my neon reindeer and adds for the neon chicken which I traded for a neon uni. So yeah, they’re worth heaps.

    • You are entitled to your own opinion, and this is one of the reasons we created the website. Although I don’t understand why you think we are wrong, as we agree that this trade was not fair and that sadly, whoever did this trade was over.

  3. I traded a ride queen bee and ads for a ride chicken, the person with the chicken was hoping to trade it for a ride potion 😲


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