How much is a diamond griffin worth in Adopt Me?

In Adopt Me it is very important to know how much each of your pets is worth. That way you can always make clever trades and decisions. You always want to be the one that is under, and not over when you’re trading. And by doing that, you can build up more and more valuable pets. So, how much is a diamond griffin worth in adopt me?

Well, we think the diamond griffin is a beautiful pet. It’s shiny and rare. It is classed as legendary, and is even more legendary (if that’s a thing) than its golden cousin. You get them from star rewards, which you receive from logging in on consecutive days. You have to log in for the best part of a year to get it though, and you can only get a diamond pet after you’ve already had a golden one. So they are really for super fans, and there aren’t too many around.

Despite all that, it has NOT made our list of top 10 adopt me pets. But if you want to see where it ranks against all of the other pets on Adopt Me, check out our list of every Adopt Me pet ranked by value.  That way you can find out exactly how much a diamond griffin is worth, what would be a fair trade for one, and the factors that influence its value!


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